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Many Body Tree Methods in Physics

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A tutorial introduction to tree codes can be found in S. Pfalzner & P. Gibbon: "Many-Body Tree Methods in Physics" (also available as paperback). The book gives a description of the key features of the hierarchical tree method and discusses open boundary problems, as well as optimization of tree codes, periodic bounary problems, and the fast multipole method.

Further information, errata, and source code from the book can be found on Supplementary Material for "Many-Body Tree Methods in Physics" which is a replacement for the page that is given in the book and are mirrored here for convenience.


Errata for "Many Body Tree Methods in Physics"


Program downloads
Book ChaptersDescriptionNotesCodes /
2Simple electrostatic code for 2 charge speciesCompiles but probably won't run any more without some serious debugging. Closely adheres to original recursive Barnes-Hut algorithm.harc3d.tar.gz
Fortran 77
2,3Particle beam propagationIncludes routines for speed/accuracy benchmarkingbeamtree.tar.gz
Fortran 77
4,5,6'Barnes-Hut-Ewald' code for dense plasma studiesIncludes fully periodic boundary conditions using tabulated Ewald sums. Used previously for inverse bremsstrahlung studies (see: Pfalzner & Gibbon, Phys. Rev. E 1998).treemd.tar.gz
Fortran 77
4,6Open boundary electrostatic code for clusters (Coulomb explosions)Stripped down version of treemd. Uses vectorised 'level-by-level' tree building and traversals.clustree.tar.gz
Fortran 77
PEPC - A parallel multi-purpose tree codeSeparated tree kernel and physics components allowing easy adaptation to new applications.PEPC Homepage
Fortran 95/2003