Data Analytics and Machine Learning (IAS-8)

We aim at advancing theory and application of data sciences with a focus on image processing and computer vision for imaging as a scientific measurement tool. Our interests range from use-inspired, method-driven theory to application-driven research.

Data Science Grid



Helmholtz AI FluoMap Project

The FluoMap project funded ba Helmholtz AI started in October 2020. FluoMap pursues the goal of extracting fluorescence signals from the measurement data of the satellite- or airborne imaging spectrometers DESIS and HyPlant using state-of-the-art AI methods. This will make it possible to generate global fluorescence maps, which will play a key role in the worldwide monitoring of the vegetation health status.


SATOMI project started

The new SATOMI project started in May 2021. The project addresses imaging challenges in segmentation and tracking of growing colonies and microbial diversity. It is funded by the Helmholtz Imaging Platform.