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Cleanroom rules

Personal Hygiene

  • No make-up, perfume, cologne, aftershave, or scented lotions can be worn in the clean room. Users cannot smoke 4 hours prior to entering the facility. If you do arrive to use the facility with these items, you will be asked to wash them off or wait until the smoke has abated.
  • If you have catch a cold, tell us. Hankerchiefs and paper tissues cannot be used in the cleanroom.


Access to the clean room area is granted only to persons wearing clean room clothing. These dedicated clothes have to be put on correctly and worn meeting the rules of the operator. They may not be used outside the clean room. Clean room clothing comprises a pair of one-way overshoes (to be put on before entering the clean room wardrobe), a disposable face mask and a disposable cap. Above these a clean room hood, a clean room overall, a pair of clean room boots and gloves have to be put on.
Please do not wear any sandals or high-heeled shoes in the clean room area! Rings, any juwelry and watches are forbidden they destroy the cleanroom clothing..

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are required according to the equipment information and the signs in the clean room area. Large lens glasses can be used; however safety side shields are strongly recommended. If you have small-framed glasses (lens dimension less than 40 mm wide and 33 mm in height), you must wear the safety glasses that the HNF provides.

Personal Listening Devices

Personal listening devices (MP3, mobile phone, etc) are not permitted.