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The Ernst Ruska-Centre houses some of the world's most advanced electron microscopes and tools for nanocharacterisation, including five aberration corrected and four uncorrected transmission electron microscopes. The aberration corrected instruments are based on the FEI TITAN platform and offer a resolution of up to 50 pm. Elemental compositions and oxidation states can be analysed by means of EDX and EELS, while electron holography is used to provide access to the electric and magnetic properties of nanoscale specimens.

A wide range of in situ specimen holders allows users to conduct electrical biasing experiments and to analyse the effect of different gaseous environments and temperatures on their specimens.

Sample preparation is carried out using procedures such as mechanical polishing, ion milling and dry and wet etching.

More about the instruments at ER-C

All ER-C resources are accessible based on peer-reviewed evalutations of submitted proposals free of charges to academic institutions. Further information about obtaining access is available on this website