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Dates for Premieres of Vlogs on Structural Change with Subsequent Live Chat

How can research projects contribute to successful structural change? Reporter Johannes Döbbelt aims to get to the bottom of this question. Join us for the Vlog premieres (in German) and put your questions to our researchers in the subsequent live chats.

Wednesday, 21.10.2020 | 05:00 pm

IEK-9 – iNEW project:
How can we reuse carbon dioxide (CO2) for the production of new fuels? By using power-to-X technologies!

Discussion partner for the live chat: Markus Nohl, Lucy Dittrich

Watch the Vlog >

Wednesday, 28.10.2020 | 05:00 pm

PGI-7 – NEUROTEC project:
Learning from our brain: Using the functions of the human brain as a basis for innovative neuro-inspired computer hardware

Discussion partner for the live chat: Sebastian Siegel, Dr. Alexander Krüger

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Wednesday, 04.11.2020 | 05:00 pm

IBG-2 – BioökonomieREVIER project:
How the Rhineland can serve as a model region for the development of conventional, fossil-based production processes to achieve greater sustainability and a more regional focus

Discussion partner for the live chat: Niklas Hielscher, Dr. Christian Klar

Watch the Vlog >

Wednesday, 11.11.2020 | 05:00 pm

JSC – Agency for Cognitive Computing (ACC) project:
Learning from digital data – How artificial intelligence (AI) can help transform industry and the economy

Discussion partner for the live chat: Dr. Andreas Lintermann

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Wednesday, 18.11.2020 | 05:00 pm

ERC – ER-C 2.0 project:
Materials serving as technology drivers for energy and medicine, etc. – How materials sciences can help various sectors of the economy to achieve innovations

Discussion partner for the live chat: Dr. Marc Heggen

Watch the Vlog >

Wednesday, 25.11.2020 | 05:00 pm

Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy Production (IEK-11)
Green hydrogen: New technologies as an opportunity for sustainable mobility and energy
How can hydrogen be chemically stored and transported? And how might it be used to help shape the energy transition and the future of transport?

Discussion partner for the live chat: Dr. Patrick Preuster

Watch the Vlog >

The Vlogs will be in German.