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Information for Presenters

In order to ensure a smooth course of the online conference, we provide you the following information and kindly ask you to follow some basic steps/rules:

All presentations will take place in the lecture hall (Zoom video conference) which will be hosted by a scientific and a technical chair.

Please enter the lecture hall at least 10 min before the start of your session and write in the chat as soon as you entered the lecture hall!

The technical chair will grant you co-host rights to ensure that you are able to share your screen. If there is enough time before the start of the session, you can also test sharing your screen to prevent issues during the session.

Please be present during the whole session and do not leave the Zoom video conference since you would lose your co-host rights. Furthermore, if one of the presenters before you does not show up your presentation will move a time slot forward.

For presenters with a "Short", please be aware that your corresponding posters will be presented in a separate poster session after your short session (see conference program).

Additional Information


If you have questions concerning the programme please contact:

Dr. Marius Wirtz
Institute of Energy and Climate Research
Plasma Physics (IEK-4)

For organizational questions please contact:

Beate Schmitz
Corporate Communications

Sylvie Lemke
Corporate Communications