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Call for Abstracts

Participants are invited to submit abstracts online as contributions for the workshop. Abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Programme Committee; Selected abstracts will be promoted as oral or poster presentation by the committee (online presentations - detailed information will follow).

Deadline for submission is 18 December 2020.

Online Abstract submission

To submit your abstract please use the ONLINE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION of conftool.

Short Instructions:

In order to submit an abstract for PFMC-18 at first you have to create an user account (account will be used for registration later on). You will receive your personal login details via email. Please follow the link „Abstract Submission“ in the section „Your Submissions“ in order to get access to the submission page.

You will be guided through the following submission steps:

1. Step - authors indications
2. Step - abstract topic
3. Step - abstract file upload
4. Step - Preview/Save

During the phase of abstract submission the contributions may be amended with your personal login. More information for submitting authors you can find here

Abstract format

To ensure uniformity of the submissions, all authors are obliged to use the standardized pfmc-18-abstact-template for abstract preparation
The text font for the abstract should be Arial. The page size should be chosen as A4. The top margin is 3 cm, left, and right margins are 2.5 cm each, the bottom margin is 2 cm. The text must be written in clear English.

The title must be in Arial, 12pt, boldface, centred. It is followed by one blank line (12pt). This is already included in the formatting of this text. Authors should be written in Arial 12pt, centred. The corresponding author should be marked with star (*). Please use lower case letters as superscripts following each name if more than one affiliation is required. The author line is followed by one blank line (12pt). The affiliation(s) appear in Arial, 10 pt, italic, centred. Please start with a new line for each affiliation. Leave one blank line (12pt) between the affiliations and the text body.

The body of the abstract must be typed in 12 pt Arial, left and right flush with single line spacing. If necessary, references [1] can be used [2, 3]. The contact information of the corresponding author should appear in the last lines. The abstract must not exceed one page.