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Dr. Thomas Susanka

Academic researcher at the Center for Presentation Competence of the University of Tübingen

Since 2013, Dr. Thomas Susanka organizes the national presentation-event Science Notes, where outstanding researchers disclose their latest research to a broad public and experiment with innovative forms of science communication.
With the onset of 2018, he is also the editor of the affiliated Science Notes Magazin, a nationwide print magazine exploring new ways of science journalism.

In 2012, He received his doctoral degree from the University of Tübingen for his dissertation on the rhetoric of photography. Shortly after, he joined the young research and development group of Jugend präsentiert (“youth presents”) which is by now the most relevant teaching-program for science presentations in German high schools and a national contest for students. He is an academic researcher at the Center for Presentation Competence of the rhetorics department at the University of Tübingen.