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External Networking

What would it be like to work in science management? And what would day-to-day work in a production company look like? What other research institutions are there in the region?

We aim to support you in finding people who have gotten to a point in their career which you yourself are aiming for, or people with a similar background to yours who explored a profession that was previously not relevant to them. By making direct contact with these people, this offers you the opportunity to gain crucial information for planning your career. We support the development of mentoring relationships.

The type of relationship pursued (i.e. via phone calls, personal meetings, shadowing, access to networks, presentations at fairs, ...) are determined by you and your external contact.

If you are interested, why not contact us directly?

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Andrea Bosten
Career Center & Postdoc Office
Phone: +492461 61-85407

Viola Middendorf
Career Center & Postdoc Office
Phone: +492461 61-85404