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Career Counseling & Coaching

Analysing, creating, and reflecting.

Just like science, your own career thrives off new impulses and ideas.

We at the Career Center want to help you ...

... make use of your own strengths, interests, and motives in your career planning
... discover previously untapped potential
... examine and pursue the professional objectives you have set yourself
... develop ideas for your career
... consider all possible career options
... achieve your goals

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We therefore offer you the following advisory services:

Career Counseling

As part of a career counseling session, we are happy to help if you require any information on career-relevant topics. We facilitate contacts, consult experts, and encourage networking. More: Career Counseling …


During coaching sessions, you are the one who determines the objective, content, and result. We support this process by providing the structure and framework. More: Coaching …

Career Planning

Follow this link to find material that will support you to approach the topic of career planning. We do not see career planning as a strict process that results in a definite plan. Rather, the content provided here is intended for individual orientation and support. More: Career Planning …

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Career Center & Postdoc Office
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Career Center & Postdoc Office
Phone: +492461 61-85404

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