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Quantum Computing Seminar
Shai Machnes, PGI-12

Online Talk

06 Jul 2021 14:00

Machine-learning tools for Control, Calibration and Characterization of QPUs and other quantum devices

The PGI Science Office has begun a new series of seminars: the "Jülich Quantum Computing Seminar" will take place every fortnight on Tuesdays at 14:00 via video conference and is intended to promote cooperation between the working groups conducting research in the field of quantum computing and quantum information at various institutes at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

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The current methodology of designing control pulses for superconducting circuits often results in an absurd situation: simplified analytic models which fail to predict gate fidelities to high accuracy, and calibrated pulse shapes which achieve good fidelities, but have no corresponding model. Moreover, for a large number of qubits the QPU calibration is long and difficult, and determining a detailed error budget is nearly impossible.

But without an error budget we have no insight into what is limiting QPU performance and how to improve it. To rectify the situation, we are implementing a novel procedure of Combined Calibration and Characterization (C3): An iterative combination of open-loop control optimization, model-free reinforcement learning of controls and iterative model learning from experimental data, utilizing a high-performance TensorFlow simulator. C3 will allow for a rapid, and largely automated bring-up process of QPUs. The result is a high-fidelity model, commensurate high-fidelity gates and a detailed error budget.

Further, these serve as the basis for additional machine-learning capabilities such as adversarial system characterization and automated experiment design, to further accelerate the process of gaining insight into the behavior of our systems. C3 software is made available as an open-source project at

New feature:

We are adding a new feature to our seminar series! For those of you who would like to get to know each other a little better after the regular seminar ends, you can use the following link to meet up informally in a virtual space on the "wonder" ( ) platform to enjoy an online gathering that should prove both interesting and fun:


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