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PGI Colloquium: Dr. Uwe Schröder, NaMLab, Dresden, Germany

Online Talk

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06 Nov 2020 11:00

Ferroelectric Hafnium Oxide: Non-volatile Memory and Beyond

BildCopyright: Dr. Schröder

In the last 10 years, the interest in HfO2 or ZrO2 based ferroelectric films for novel semiconductor applications steadily increased. Lead-free CMOS compatible ferroelectric layers even below 10 nm film thickness enable scalable devices like high aspect ratio ferroelectric capacitors (FeCap) and field-effect transistors (FeFET) in 2x nm technology nodes [1][2].

But also further applications like ferroelectric tunnel junctions, neuromorphic, piezo, and pyro electric devices are in discussion [3][4]. Ferroelectric properties are caused by a polar orthorhombic Pca21 structure in polycrystalline films with a grain size of typically 20-30 nm. Transmission electron, electrical characterization, and piezo force microscopy studies are revealing single grain/domain nucleation limited switching kinetics with slightly different coercive fields for different single grains [5][6].

Multiple excitation pulses, each of which is insufficient for polarization reversal, induce an accumulative effect, which eventually leads to ferroelectric switching [7]. In addition, such an accumulative switching can be exploited to mimic the integrate-and-fire activity of biological neurons [8], which, together with FeFET-based synapses [9], might allow for building fundamental computing blocks of brain-inspired neural networks.  


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