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Communicating Science Online

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13 Apr 2021 09:30
14 Apr 2021 12:30

Science is an important part of our culture and one that has a decisive impact on the continued development of society. The vision of the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) is to ensure people are better informed about scientific issues, promoting a knowledge-based conversation on scientific topics in the public arena. NaWik consequently trains scientists to communicate their projects, insights and objectives to a wider audience and engage in a dialogue with society. On the strength of their authenticity, credibility, concern for the common welfare as well as their expertise and transparency, they are key players in reinforcing society's trust in science.

Communicating Science Online

This virtual seminar, focusing on social media, is interactive. Teaching content alternates with practical phases as well as question and answer sessions. The seminar is an introduction into science communication online and provides practical
information on how the relevant social media can be utilised.


  • Your digital profile
  • Communicating science on social media
  • Your key message
  • Five key elements of #scicomm
  • Social media and your style of communication

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