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Fire Drill on the Berlin Underground

Tests at a Berlin underground station provide data for models of smoke propagation and pedestrian dynamics

Jülich, 17 March 2017 – The Berlin underground station Osloer Straße has frequently been the venue for large-scale experiments. Scientists and engineers from the ORPHEUS project use these nocturnal experiments to create the basis for a new simulation method to obtain a better understanding of smoke propagation in underground transport systems. The last such experiment was staged at the Osloer Straße junction at the end of January using artificial smoke to explore flow behaviour and also the visibility of information signs.

More about the tests (in German)

Exascale Newsletter

The ORPHEUS project and other topics are covered in the present issue of the Exascale Newsletter on Supercomputing and Big Data:

In this issue:

  • How supercomputers optimize fire safety in underground stations
  • Mass of dark-matter particles calculated
  • Virtual Steel Laboratory: new tools for future exascale computers

The Exascale Newsletter appears three times a year and presents the latest news on research projects and simulations at the Jülich supercomputers.