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Foto von Nora Bittner

Nora Bittner

PhD student

Academic degree: M. Sc. in Psychology, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

Research topic:

Structural and functional organization of the aging brain in relation to lifestyle:
To understand the aging process of the human brain, different influences need to be considered, including lifestyle: Whereas physical activity seems to be protective against cognitive decline, enhanced cigarette smoking might promote brain atrophy. Using an integrated lifestyle risk score, I investigate the relationship between several lifestyle factors and the organization of the healthy, aging brain: On the one hand I examine lifestyle in relation to the cortical folding of the brain and on the other hand I focus on lifestyle and it´s relation to functional connectivity.

Methods and tools:

  • Structural MRI : Software FreeSurfer
  • fMRI: Software FSL


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