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Scientific news from China by 11.09.2019

FZJ and Peking University managed it kick-off meeting
for IJCR (International Joint Laboratory of Regional Pollution Control)

Scientific news from China by 11.09.2019

Peking University and Forschungszentrum Jülilch organized the kick-off meeting for a Joint International Laboratory approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. More than 10 German and foreign scientists have the two day meeting 07. - 08.09 together with over 40 Chinese scientists coming from the whole country. At least 6 honorable Chinese CAS academician and CAE academician have participated on this event. The certificates for the board of directors and the scientific committee members were passed through Mr. Gao, deputy director general of the Scientific Department of MoE and Prof. Zhang, Assistant University President.

Prof. Wahner is co-chairing this laboratory with his partner Prof. YH. Zhang and there are 4 topic groups with mixed scientists from both sides. This collaboration could be traced back to 90th of last century. In between many young PhD students from Jülich have grown up and are senior group leaders in the School of Environmental Engineering.