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Delegation from Korea: Fact-Finding for Global R&D Incubating Center

In recent years, the Korean government has been planning to provide better support and encouragement for Korean small and medium-sized enterprises in their activities abroad. It is now time to become active in NRW and set up a "Global R&D Incubating Center" for Korean SMEs.

To realize such a project, a delegation from South Korea organized by NRW.INVEST visited Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZ Jülich) on August 19, 2019 and Prof. Dr. Moris Riedel (JSC) presented the strategy and competences of FZ Jülich in AI and Big Data with Dr. Timo Dickscheid (INM-1).

The members of the delegation: Ph.D. Yo-Han LEE Principal Researcher, Middle Standing Enterprise Planning Team, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), Cheon-Kyo PARK Office Representative, EU Office of KIAT, Brussels, Jun-Pyo JEON Office Representative, EU Office of Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial, Technology (KEIT), Berlin, Suk-Song OH President of Meta-Biomed, Kwang-Pyo LEE Managing Director, Dongnam Precision, Beomjoon SEO Managing Director, Europe-HQ, DAEWOO Engineering, Brussels, Eon-Youl SHIN Director of R&D Centre, Senior Managing Director, Wooshin Safety Systems, Astrid BECKER Head of Division, NRW.INVEST, Soyeon SCHRÖDER-KIM Representative, NRW.INVEST Korea

Contact person:
Management international relations in Asia
Dr. Hyunji Park (UE-B)
Tel: 02461-61-8915

Delegation from Korea: Fact-Finding for Global R&D Incubating Center