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Two Excellent Early-Career Scientists

Jülich, 25 August 2021 – Forschungszentrum Jülich has awarded this year’s Excellence Prize to Dr. Florian D. Speck und Dr. Markus Zimmermann. Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Wolfgang Marquardt presented the prize including € 5,000 each to the chemist and the electrical engineer. “This year’s two prize winners have demonstrated through their scientific work that they have met the particularly high demands associated with the Jülich Excellence Prize,” said Marquardt in his tribute to them. He added that the Board of Directors is very proud that Forschungszentrum Jülich produces such high-calibre early-career scientists, who have helped to shape their research field through their ideas and impetus and have earned international recognition in the process. “At the same time, I hope that the Excellence Prize has a motivating and inspiring effect and that we can continue to award early-career scientists for such a high level of achievement over the coming years.”

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