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New “Test Stand” in Real-Life Laboratory for Energy Transition

Jülich, 1 August 2019 – One year ago, the Living Lab Energy Campus project (LLEC) transformed Forschungszentrum Jülich into a real-life laboratory for the energy transition, where the effectiveness and everyday usability of the latest scientific findings are tested. The “LLEC: P2G++” subproject will now investigate how large quantities of renewable energy can be stored throughout the year in the form of chemically bound hydrogen using a new process.

It will run until 2022. Hydrogen is a universal energy carrier that can be used, for example in conjunction with fuel cells, as a “fuel” for e-mobility. On 1 August, Parliamentary State Secretary and member of the German Bundestag Thomas Rachel officially announced that the Federal Ministry of Education and Research would fund the subproject to the tune of some € 6 million, and presented official notification of the funding.

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