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The Jülich Super Brain

In front of an audience of around 180, the Jülich Science Slam showcased entertaining performances by early-career scientists on the topic of electricity at Jülich’s Kulturbahnhof (KuBa).

Jülich, 23 June 2016. Where does electric power come from? What should helpers do in the event of an electric shock? And what does electricity have to do with maths lessons? All of these questions and many more were answered at the first Jülich Science Slam, which took place at Jülich’s Kulturbahnhof (KuBa). It did not take long to realize: electricity has the power to excite. An impressive 37 participants in three age groups competed in this premiere of Jülich’s Science Slam. With the help of a clap-o-meter, a decibel measuring instrument, the noise level of the applause was measured after each performance, and the winners thus selected.

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