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New effzett: Energy to Go

Jülich, 15 October 2015 – Whether it’s a smartphone, cordless screwdriver, or electric car, the mobile world relies on the lithium-ion battery. However, researchers at Jülich are also exploring other options for providing "energy to go". How they are improving batteries for the future and what the super battery of tomorrow must be capable of is the cover story this time around.

Other stories in this issue feature researchers working as "nuclear detectives" in the battle against states who covertly produce nuclear material for nuclear weapons and researchers who waited more than two years for Jülich’s supercomputers to complete calculations in order to determine the tiny mass difference between protons and neutrons.

The magazine effzett appears as an electronic version in English and German for Android tablets and iPads as well as in print in German and is also available online as an e-paper and PDF file.

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