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Felix Lüpke Awarded Nottingham Prize

Dr. Felix Lüpke, former doctoral researcher at the Peter Grünberg Institute – Functional Nanostructures at Surfaces, received this year’s Nottingham Prize for his paper entitled “Disentangling transport in topological insulator thin films down to the nanoscale”. Lüpke came out on top among 17 contestants in the final round. The early-career scientist was awarded the prize at the end of June at the Physical Electronics Conference at the University of New Hampshire in Durham/USA. At Jülich, Lüpke worked in the “Nanoscale Charge Transport Studied by Multi-Tip Scanning Probe Microscopy” working group headed by Prof. Bert Voigtländer. He now conducts his research at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Felix Lüpke