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41st IFF Spring School: Oxides with Exotic Properties and Great Scope for Application

IFF-News March 04, 2010

208 young scientists from 30 countries visit Forschungszentrum Jülich


On 8 March, the "IFF Spring School" will open its doors for the 41st course lasting until 19 March. The motto of the Spring School run by the Institute for Solid State Research (IFF) and in demand around the world is "Electronic Oxides: Correlation Phenomena, Exotic Phases, and Novel Functionalities". Within the framework of this course, scientists from Forschungszentrum Jülich and other institutions give students and young scientists from all over the world a comprehensive overview of a current topic - which changes each year - in the field of solid state physics. 208 undergraduate and postgraduate students and young scientists from 104 universities and institutions have already enrolled for the programme. Some of them travel a long way to get to Jülich: participants from as far as the USA, Nigeria and China have registered.
The 41st Spring School covers a range of topics from the theoretical and experimental basis of electronic oxides and modern physical methods to current research findings and projects. Selected focal points include state-of-the-art investigation methods such as neutron scattering or electron microscopy, high-temperature superconduction, the origins of which are still unknown, and materials intended to be used in information technology in the future. In order to deepen this theoretical knowledge, the programme will be complemented by visits to laboratories and practical exercises.


Further information:
Press release (in German)
Programme for the Spring School

Organizing institutes:

IFF-1 "Quantum Theory of Materials"

IFF-4 "Scattering Methods"

IFF-6 "Electronic Materials"

IFF-9 "Electronic Properties"