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JCNS: "High Brilliance Neutron Source" Workshop (HBS 2019)

by Thomas Gutberlet, JCNS

26-27 September 2019

Rheinhotel Schulz, Unkel, Germany

From 26-27 September 2019, the fifth international workshop on High Brilliance Neutron Sources based on a compact accelerator system was held in Unkel, Germany. Organized by the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS), the workshop was attended by more than 30 experts from France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden and Germany. They were welcomed by Prof. Thomas Brückel, director at JCNS, who gave an overview of previous meetings and the significant progress which has already been made in developing compact and high brilliance neutron sources since the meeting last year.

HBS-2019Participants of the High Brilliance Neutron Source Workshop 2019 at the Rheinhotel Schulz in Unkel.
Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich

The workshop presented and discussed the current status and perspectives of the various projects. Detailed reports were given on the technical and scientific challenges of recent months concerning the conceptual layout of potential facilities, the accelerator techniques required, neutron target development and neutron instrumentation. A longer discussion was held on the submission of a joint proposal to the European Commission by participating partners, aimed at funding a dedicated design study along with new opportunities for compact sources.

The progress of these activities will be discussed at the next High Brilliance Neutron Source Workshop in autumn 2020.

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