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“Helmholtz International Fellow Award” for Kazuhisa Kakurai

28 January 2015

Prof. Kazuhisa Kakurai, Senior Consultant and former General Director of the Quantum Beam Science Center of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency is to be awarded the “Helmholtz International Fellow Award” for 2014. The Japanese neutron researcher was nominated for the distinction by Forschungszentrum Jülich. “Fellows” receive prize money of € 20,000 and are invited to take part in research stays at Helmholtz centres in Germany.

Kazuhisa Kakurai’s important landmark projects concern among other things the application of polarized neutrons, for example, to better understand quantum magnetism. Furthermore, he has many years of experience as a science manager, expertise which he is due to bring to the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science in the future.

With the “Helmholtz International Fellow Award", the Helmholtz Association acknowledges outstanding performance in science and research management and uses it to consolidate already established collaborations between its centres and scientific institutions abroad. In addition to Kakurai, six other scientists also received the award for 2014. 

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