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Laura Helleckes receives the award of the DECHEMA Future Forum Biotechnology

Laura Helleckes has been awarded the prize of the DECHEMA Future Forum Biotechnology. The award ceremony took place during the DECHEMA Spring Conference in Frankfurt. The prize of the Future Forum is awarded annually and is supported by the company Sartorius Stedim Biotech. Ms. Helleckes studied Molecular and Applied Biotechnology at the RWTH Aachen University, and in her master's thesis she dealt very intensively with the combination of microcultivation experiments and modelling. Here she used AI methods based on Bayesian statistics for the screening of strain libraries. These AI methods have been used so far in the advertising industry, for example. Her work was embedded in the BMBF-funded project Digitalisation in Industrial Biotechnology (DigInBio, In her PhD project in the Bioprocesses and Bioanalytics Group at the IBG-1 in Jülich, Ms. Helleckes will continue her work as part of the Microbial Bioprocess Lab (

Preisverleihung durch die beiden Sprecher des Zukunftsforums Biotechnologie, Prof. Selin Kara (rechts) und Dirk Tischler (links)Award ceremony by the two speakers of the Future Forum Biotechnology, Prof. Selin Kara (right) and Prof. Dirk Tischler (left)   Digitalisierung in der Industriellen Biotechnologie (BMBF-Projekt) Microbial Bioprocess Lab – A Helmholtz Innovation Lab