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Best Paper Award 2019 of Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering

The manuscript entitled

FeedER: a feedback-regulated enzyme-based slow-release system for fed-batch cultivation in microtiter plates

Roman Jansen, Niklas Tenhaef, Matthias Moch, Wolfgang Wiechert, Stephan Noack, Marco Oldiges

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 42, 1843-1852(2019)


was selected by the Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering Editorial Board and Editors as the Best Paper of 2019.


Feeding is an important characteristic of modern microbial bioprocesses. However, it is difficult to achieve reproducibly in microscale cultivation. For the first time, members of the IBG-1 research teams „Microbial phenotyping“ and „Bioprocesses and Bioanalytics“, achieved an exponential substrate release from an enzyme based substrate release system. They used a commercial substrate slow-release system and used it in combination with a lab-robotic system for pH control. “Our process control script controls the pH value and initiates adequate dosing of the substrate releasing enzyme providing increasing feed rates over time“, says Dr. Niklas Tenhaef. „The control system is easy and robust and showed applicability for different microorganisms“ added Roman Jansen.

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering

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