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Wei-Min Wang Awarded Humboldt Fellowship to Visit JSC

JSC is pleased to welcome a new visitor from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, Dr. Wei-Min Wang, who has come to Jülich for two years as a Humboldt fellow. Dr. Wang developed his numerical modelling expertise while based in the group of Prof. Z.-M. Sheng, where he worked on laser plasma physics.

He was attracted to JSC by the possibilities offered by its supercomputing facilities for performing large-scale, high-resolution simulations essential for studying advanced laser-based x-ray sources. These resources, combined with the active scientific environment within the Plasma Simulation Lab, will provide an ideal setting for his stay. Dr. Wang's timely arrival coincides with a recent initiative on the Jülich campus to develop a multi-user x-ray and particle beam centre based on high-power laser technology (JuSPARC project, This facility will rely heavily on the multi-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations of complex laser-plasma processes behind these future sources, perhaps even using interactive supercomputing as an integrated optimization tool.
(Contact: Prof. Paul Gibbon,