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For what do I need the module tool?

On JUROPA/HPC-FF, general purpose applications and libraries are made available to users through the use of the module command. The user's environment in the current shell will be updated so that the software under consideration can be used. To get an overview of the modules available on JUROPA/HPC-FF type module avail on the command line. Further useful commands are:

module load <module>Enables the use of the corresponding software package
module listPrints out a list of loaded modules
module help <module>Gives some information about the package under consideration
module unload <module>Opposite of module load <module>. Some software packages provoke conflicts if several versions are installed at the same time, so it might make sense to unload versions that are not needed for the moment
module show <module>Shows information about the location of the software and variables that will be set by invoking this <module>