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Core dump handling

Core dumps are disabled on JUGENE by default.

Due to the fact that writing core files from thousands of nodes takes (too) much time, the generating of core files is suppressed.

How to enable core files?

The BG_COREDUMPDISABLED environment variable is specified when a job is submitted with mpirun:

BG_COREDUMPDISABLED=1 - core dumps disabled
BG_COREDUMPDISABLED=0 - core dumps enabled

The following mpirun command shows how to enable core files:

mpirun -env BG_COREDUMPDISABLED=0 -exe filename.rts

How to read core files?

Core files are plain text files that include traceback information in hexadecimal.

To read and convert the hexadecimal addresses the tool addr2line may help.
For more information use

addr2line -h

(Compilation should have included option -g)